Black men are better than weak white boys

Date: May 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Black men are better than weak white boys

  1. A good father would encourage her from a early age always speak highly of black boys and men around your daughter that is what I did with mine when she got older when my mother would also tell her black boys are a better choice, eventually when she was in highschool she got a boyfriend of course he was the superior race I was soo proud of her, once the boys in school caught wind a lot started to pursue her, she started to bring different boys to the house always introduced as my friend but we all know that was a lie, i was always welcoming and would tell them to make theirselves home never hounded them or made them
    Keep her door open now my daughter is 18 and she knows the truth completely and my job is done she knows her place and I’m sooo proud

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